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Many people know that bail bondsmen can help you get your loved ones out of jail and back home safe and sound, but they may not know much more than that.  Here are a few common questions and general answers to them.
How does the bond process work?

Once bail has been set by the court, in the event that it has been deemed that a surety bond is acceptable, a bondsman will post a surety bond on the defendant's behalf in exchange for an amount less than the amount of the bond.  Often this amount is determined as a percentage of the total bail set by the Court.  Once the bond is posted, the defendant will be released on bond with specific requirements set by the Judge - at a minimum this will include appearing in court for all scheduled hearings in the case.  Until the conclusion of the case through the court system, the bonded individual is required to check in with his bondsman at least once per week and keep their bondsman informed of any changes in contact information, residence, etc.

If a bondsman is used, will the cash/credit portion paid to the bondsman be returned?

No.  Any fees that are paid to the bondsman are fees only.  It is a price for a service being provided.

What happens if a court date is missed or another condition of the bond is not met?

If a defendant misses a court date, a warrant for arrest will be issued by the judge.  As bond forfeiture by the judge is a possibility when this occurs, your bondsman may elect to forfeit your bond prior to that instance.  If you do not voluntarily present yourself to your bondsman, you will become a wanted party and measures will be taken to return you to jail.

What if my bond is forfeited?

If your bond is forfeited by the courts, you will be responsible for paying the entire amount of your bond to your bondsman.  It is for this reason that security in some form as well as cosigners are a requirement of most bonds.
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